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Bruce Barclays and Axon Capital Partners and Associated Investment vehicles investment portfolio includes a wide range of publicly listed investments, to hedge funds and hedge funds of funds, Private Equity funds, and a wide portfolio of Private Equity & Venture investments from small minority positions to control positions, primarily focussed in 9 sectors.


The 9 sectors of primary focus include :

1) Healthcare and Life Sciences (especially longevity/ maximising healthspan, neurology,cardiovascular, big data sectors)
2) Telecoms, Media, Technology & Space;

3) Energy  (upstream, midstream and downstream) including solar;

4) Food (restaurants and organic and healthy food);

5) Financial Services;

6) Industrial;

7) Transport, shipping, and logistics;

8) Agribusiness and engineered foods

9) Real Estate.

SAMPLE of Portfolio Companies, (solely those in the Biotech / Healthspan Optimisation / Longevity Space)

Aether Biomachines
Menlo Park, CA, USA
Synthetic Biology
 - creating enzymes not found in nature.
Aether Bio — Build the next industrial revolution.

Aviv Scientific
Tel Aviv, Israel
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for rejuvenation, incorporated in Comprehensive Science based Medical Health Clinics. Aviv Scientific is a world leader in research on age-related cognitive and functional decline and novel applications of hyperbaric medicine to maximize human performance. Aviv focuses on improving the aging process by increasing cognitive and physical performance in healthy aging adults.
Hyperbaric Therapy to Improve Brain Performance (

Cambrian Biopharma
New York, USA
Longevity/ Healthspan Optimisation focussed diversified biopharma company, across the 9 Hallmarks of Aging.
Cambrian BioPharma | Catalyzing breakthroughs

Cyclarity Therapeutics
Novato, CA, USA
Atherosclerosis and Plaque Buildup Reversal.

Home - Cyclarity Therapeutics (

Irvine / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Stem Cell Secretomes (human) - for Rejuvenation - immunomodulatory secretomes for various manifestations of age and disease related immune decline; 1st Indication to stop Muscle Atrophy. Is in Phase 1/ 2a FDA trials.
Home - Immunis, Inc. (

Juvena Therapeutics
Redwood City, CA, USA
Stem Cell Secretomes (Human)  -for Rejuvenation - 1st Indication to stop Muscle Atrophy.
Home - Juvena Therapeutics

Basle, Switzerland
Exogenous Ketones to stop / treat migraines, provide "brain fuel" and address neurodegeneration.
Home | Keto.Swiss

Repair Biotechnologies
Syracuse, NY, USA
Atherosclerosis reversal. 
Repair Biotechnologies

New York, NY, USA
VC fund focussed on Programmable Biology (encompassing areas such as Longevity biotech; Food Agtech - Alternative Protein, Cellular Agriculture etc; Synthetic Biology; Gene Therapy etc).)
SALT | Empowering big ideas

Samsara Therapeutics
Hamburg, Germany / Paris, France / Oxford, UK
Autophagy booster for Healthspan Optimisation; treatment of neurodegeneration.
Samsara Therapeutics - Restoring Autophagy, Reversing Disease

Turn Bio
Mountainview, CA, USA
Epigenetic Cellular Reprogramming via
transient mRNA, to reverse aging- 1st indication: skin rejuvenation; also Sarcopenia; Immunology; Osteo-arthritis & Cartilage damage.

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