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Bruce Barclay has been interviewed multiple times by Bloomberg Television, and quoted many times in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and many other newspapers and leading Private Equity publications, and spoken and presented at many of the leading Private Equity conferences throughout the world, as well as attending many global conferences including the Davos conference for world leaders. The Financial Times stated that he was one of the best connected Private Equity investors in Europe. A sample of the publications are set out below.

Bruce Barclay quoted- Wall Street Journal

June 1, 2001

Bruce Barclay speaker - 2001- Private Equity Buyouts, London, and  Capital Creation Conference, Cannes

Bruce Barclay quoted- Advent Press release- GPE VI - $10bn fund

7 Apr 2008

Bruce Barclay speaker -Superreturn 2006 Conference, Frankfurt

Bruce Barclay quoted - Real Deals- GPE VI

17 April 2008

Bruce Barclay speaker -Superinvestor  2007 Conference, Paris

Bruce Barclay quoted - Financial Times

8 April 2008

Bruce Barclay speaker -Superinvestor  2009 Conference, Paris

Bruce Barclay quoted - Financial Times, "one of the best connected investors"

June 8, 2000

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